“As a consultant I am working with very high calibre clients where I am using your Nelli Cordial. It keeps us focused and makes the meetings more productive. My clients love the all natural ingredients.”

Dharmadasa Kuruppu - Kelaniya

“Does genuinely give an energetic lift that feels healthy. Felt more awake than after your grape juice and didn’t have a crash later.”

Jayantha Perera - Kandy

“Simply the best alternative to less healthy drinks”

Silvester Fernando - Polgahawela

“I really like your products the flavour – a great natural alternative”

S.H.Nandasiri - Yapahuwa

“I like the natural extracts and the Nelli Cordial - it wakes me up and makes me feel more alert. A natural energy boost and refreshing drink – I really like it!”

>Dharmadasa Kuruppu - Kelaniya

“A great refreshing drink that is worth drinking for the taste alone!”

A.M.Jayatissa - Dikkumbura

“A surprisingly natural tasting and refreshing drink that doesn’t have any synthetic after taste.”

Tyrell Fernando - Ududumbara