hygiene regulations together with modern technology from the basis fro an excellent end product. We stand for maintaining high standard in quality and freshness in our products from selection of products up to the point of export. We are vigilant to keep up the guidelines accepted internationally. Efficient production capacity ensures that total quality control. Stringent measures have always been our operating system when it come to quality and hygiene without any compromise. Our production facilities are well equipped with ultramodern equipment.

Stars Bombay Sweet (Pvt) Ltd is one of the foremost 'Private Label OEM' exporters in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our team of in-house professionals will manage all aspects of design, blend and packaging of your private label products, so you get the finished product customized to your own requirement. This will give you the ability to focus on sales, distribution and building your brand Our bottles comes in various sizes and styles, including tins, paper canisters, boxes, glass jars and even specialized packaging in gift boxes and wooden chests. Our range of options for your private label brand can be customized to provide single product and bulk, Known in the industry as a fine products exporter in Sri Lanka has gained Stars Bombay Sweet its prestigious recommendation globally, expanding availability of cordial, Private Label OEM.