is committed to provide highest quality products to its customers producing only high quality products and distributing in Sri Lanka and and exporting to the world market. In order to achieve our object, we have fleet of vehicles, sales representatives who are visiting throughout the country and we have shipping agents liaise with and export our products to the foreign countries.

As the most obvious local example for quality products, we have made our presence felt in the market keeping with rich culture and heritage the Sri Lanka is blessed with. With much promise we are offering quality range of products allowing our customers to choose from variety of tastes. Our commitment to customer support demonstrated by the fact that we have repeated and satisfied customers in Sri Lanka and all over the world. With its state-of-the-art production facilities, Star Bombay Sweets (Pvt) Ltd is committed to developing, producing, packaging, storing and selling our products, with high regard for safety, nutrition and taste, by continually improving quality and food safety management systems to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

By supplying our products, we have maintained a leading position in Sri Lanka through quality and dedicated to offering customers the best including range of products. Our scale, scope and knowledge allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers. We play critical role in providing quality products and however, we consider this role is a privilege and we know it requires constant vigilance unrelenting commitment and make changes to accomplish the expectations of our valued customers. We go the extra mile to satisfy our valued customers with dedication and commitment.

It is nothing more important than our reputation and we at Stars Bombay Sweets (Pvt) Ltd is behaving with the highest levels of integrity. Apparently we demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable business practices to exceed the expectations of our customers. Big or small, new or established every customer is significant to us and we treat all of our customers alike.